Identical Twins Reunited After 45 Years Apart

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Ellen and Mary could hardly believe their eyes when they saw each other.

This happened in an award ceremony, held by a website called Help You Help Me. It would reward the most helpful and fruitful partners Ellen and Mary. They began to know each other one year ago through the website. They applied into the group at the same time and were introduced to be partners. Besides, they only could chat on the Internet, not allowed to meet. Through chatting, they amzingly found that they had quite a lot in common and in a very short time they became good friends in the web. They helped one another out in their daily life.

Ellen, as a mother of two teenage girls, then was worried about her relationship with two rebellious daughters. Conflits occurred frequently, which trapped Ellen in great upset. Luckily, Mary was a successful mum of an excellent girl. So she gave Ellen some effective suggestions and Ellen followed. Meanwhile, Mary was looking for a cooking teacher. Coincidently, Ellen was a good cook at home so she began to taught Mary to cook. They were so sincere to each other that the improvement was very prominent.

Only in one year, they learned all they wanted with the help of the website. In the annual investigation, they were no doubt elected to be the most helpful and fruitful partners. They were anxiously looking forward to the meeting in the ceremony. Finally the day came, two ladies respectfully from Washington and Florida gathered together. The moment they entered the magnificant hall, all the audience were shocked, so were themselves. They were identically alike and after further introduction of their childhood, they turned out to be twins apart for as long as 45 years. Incredible, isn’t it?

This was an assignment by my superior, and everyone required brought their own amazing stories. And if possible, I will show you what theirs are, I bet you will get surprised.

Thank you for all your attention. If any grammatic errors, I am all ears and will appreiate it if you can pick them out.

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